Competitive Dialogue Procurement Procedure for the revitalisation of Vrchlického sady Park,
new construction of the tramway line Muzeum – Bolzanova and
reconstruction of the New Terminal Hall of the Prague Main Railway Station
Nový Hlavák

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The Capital City of Prague together with the Prague Public Transit Company and Správa železnic announce Competition Dialogue Procurement Procedure for the revitalisation of Vrchlického sady Park, including the integration of the new tramway line into the area and the reconstruction of the New Terminal Hall of the Prague Main Railway Station (NOH).

Vrchlického sady Park and the New Terminal Hall of the Main Railway Station form a clear part of the centre of the capital city from the geographical and significance point of view. However, with regard to the current needs of the functioning of the urban organism in the locality and in the wider surroundings, the concerned area today fulfils its city-forming role very problematically.

The aim of the Competition Dialogue Procurement Procedure is therefore to find an architectural, urban, landscape and transport solution that is oriented towards the functionality and city-forming role of this extremely important area. At the same time, the aim of the competition dialogue is to find a comprehensive solution that will turn this part of the city into a place visited not only by passing and transferring passengers, but especially by the inhabitants of the adjacent city districts, which today are unnaturally divided by the railway and road infrastructure. It is anticipated that a quality design of the locality will bring natural attractiveness and security to the site. At the same time, the proposed solution will bring, also with regard to the future management of the area, long-term environmental sustainability within the city.

The contracting authorities expect the participants to propose a conceptual solution based on the needs in the area and on the analysis of the problems of the current situation. The competition dialogue will result in the selection of a multi-professional team that will present a corresponding design of the area amendments. The prerequisite for participation in the competition dialogue will be experience with quality solutions of active functional public space, public buildings (especially with transport function) and park amendments in central parts of the city. The winning team will subsequently continue in contractual cooperation with the contracting authorities during the subsequent phases according to the concluded contracts, up to the performance of author supervision.

Committee members comments on the winning design

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Revitalisation of the park, reconstruction of the main station concourse and a new tram line - the gateway to Prague is about to be transformed. The main railway station and Vrchlického sady are not a presentable and pleasant place to be today. However, the City of Prague in cooperation with the Railway Administration wants to change this situation. What does the competition proposal for the new "Hlavák" look like? How do the winners of the competition want to create a more pleasant place? A recording of the presentation of the winning design to the public with the participation of the author's team and the organizers of the process.

Opening words


doc. Ing. arch. Petr Hlaváček

First Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Prague
It‘s been a long time since we started looking at how to revitalise the fore-space of the Main Railway Station in Prague, and even longer since the city started trying to build another tram link between Vinohrady and Nové Město. However, the cooperation with Správa železnic has added a new dynamic to our efforts. Although the project of the reconstruction and completion of the station hall and the revitalisation of the park are two completely different architectural tasks, I am glad that the competition teams will work on them together and thus one work will be created.

Vrchlického sady Park was designed in the 19th century as an entrance gate to the city. However, the 20th century, through its insensitive interventions, made the place a periphery. Even though the iconic architecture of the New Terminal Hall was created on the site. I believe that with the development of new fast rail links, the place will regain its privileged place as the gateway to the city, and we should therefore approach the competition with full seriousness and restore the place to its dignity.

In connection with the past, I would like to remind the unique handwriting that the recently deceased Alena Šrámková imprinted on this transfer junction. I look forward to discussing the values she left us and how to build on her work. On behalf of Prague, I can say that we are very happy to cooperate with such reliable partner as Správa železnic and we look forward to a great result

Ing. Petr Hofhanzl

Správa železnic, state organisation, Stavební správa západ, Organisational Unit Director
We are standing in the NOH,
Between the railway and the city, with a touch of nature,
Between the rushing and the waiting ones,
Between the many modes of transport.
We are standing between the history and the future.

In the vicinity of the Art Nouveau Fantova Building, which we are now reconstructing with care and love, with respect for the original design of NOH and with an eye to the future, we are thus initiating, together with Prague and the Prague Institute of Planning and Development, a competition dialogue that will replace the word „between“ with a quality project. The project of the decade. For a hundred thousand passengers a day, for Prague, for the Czech people.

Ing. Jan Šurovský, Ph.D.

Prague Public Transit Company, joint-stock company, Technical Director – Surface
In 1972 the trams stopped running in front of Fantova building of the Main Railway Station. The new tram connection via Vrchlického sady Park will take over the role of the long missing transport connection with a tram stop easily accessible from the Main Railway Station. This will remedy a serious deficiency where the most important railway station in our country is connected to only one metro line and for journeys in other directions passengers, even in shorter distances, have to transfer repeatedly or make a longer walk to the tram.

We are convinced that the chosen process of competition dialogue is the right one, also considering the complexity of the territory and the links between the individual designs, and will bring an appropriate solution. At the same time, we also perceive great support for this intention from the Capital City of Prague as well as from Prague 1 and Prague 2 municipal districts.

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