Postupující architektonické týmy se sjely do Prahy​


Advancing architectural teams met up in Prague

Five selected architectural teams that advanced to the next round of the competitive dialogue received an invitation of the contracting authorities to scout the area in question. The competing teams got to take in the extended assignment, documentation and surveys. The two day stay in Prague ended with a two-hour presentation and open discussion on October 7. The conceptual backgrounds, packed portfolios, individual presentation of world-renowned architects attracting a wide public to Prague’s CAMP confirmed, that the revitalization of the Prague Main Station and its surroundings is a highly monitored topic.

The competing architectural teams are now processing concepts, which they will present to the evaluation committee in December 2022.

Prague Main station and its immediate surroundings is one of the Prague´s most important public spaces. Due to the complexity and requirements of the brief, the advancing teams are robust world-famous multidisciplinary teams. Representatives of individual teams personally revealed their references and portfolios that reflect their attitude towards public places, show their ability to project complex buildings and develop a human-scale space.

These were the presenting studios and subjects, which were selected based on their methodology approaches and portfolios:

  • Consortium of the Dutch West 8 Urban Design and Landscape Architecture B.V. which designed the Rotterdam Centraalstation and penned the winning design of the Brno main train station. The accompanying Czech-based Masák & Partner studio reconstructed the Prague State Opera.
  • Henning Larsen Architects A/S, a Danish world-class studio presented a case study of the transformation of the Gdansk shipyard from a post-industrial brownfield into a sustainable district.
  • The consortium Chybik + Kristof + Civitas showed its vision and the ongoing revitalization of Mendl Square in Brno, no longer as an unfriendly transport hub, but as a place suitable for people to meet and spend their time.
  • Denver-based studio Civitas introduced its realization of the North Carolina Museum of Art and brought to a wider audience how landscape design can be conceptually linked to the building itself in a public institution.
  • The Consortium of the Spanish architectonical studio Miralles Tagliabue EMBT S.L.P. and the Czech branch of OCA architects OCA Arquitectos Barcelona put forth their revitalization of the Santa Catarina Market in Barcelona. They transformed a place with a shaky reputation into a unique destination and enhanced places not directly touched by the reconstruction.
  • The consortium of the Czech architectural studio re:architekti, the Italian architectural studio baukuh studio associato and the Italian architectural studio Yellow Office di Francesca Benedetto presented the realization of the Naples House of Memory, which combines respect for local styles, the importance of a cultural institution and new technological methods.

The full presentation is available here: